Top 5 Dog Parks In Charleston

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If you are looking for the perfect puppy playground for your dog to run free and socialize, you have come to the right place! Charleston is full of great dog parks in various locations, and is a fun way for both you and your dog to get outside and explore.

Research has shown that dogs who get enough exercise and play in a day are less likely to demonstrate behavioral issues such as anxiety and aggression. Just like humans, dogs get restless after spending a day pent up inside, and need to be able to exercise both their body and mind.

Here are some videos and short discriptions on our top five dog parks in Charleston. If you visit one or have other awesome suggestions, let us know in the comments. Share the pup wealth!

James Island County Park


Pro: Biggest dog park in Charleston

Con: Entry fee (very affordable)

A great park for many reasons, James Island County Park features fishing, campgrounds, a Splashzone waterpark, a challenge course, kayak rentals, and more. But we’re here for the best part: the dog park! This dog park features a dog beach, four acres of open grassy space, a fenced play area for small dogs, and a cleaning station to rinse your pups before the ride home. All of these amenities come with a $2 entrance fee that is definitely worth the fun your dog (and you) will have. This park is a MAJOR puppy party on the weekends!

Hampton Park Dog Run


Pro: Free access

Con: Medium dog run

A short distance away from Hampton Park, Hampton Park Dog Run is a great option for people in the Downtown Charleston area. The park features a  medium fenced-in area with plenty of trees to help shade and cool your pups. The park lacks grass, so be sure to bring close-toed shoes and a towel to clean your furry friend after playtime. Your dog will love being able to run free and play with others, and the park has a doggie water fountain, so be sure to bring his bowl!

Hazel Parker Dog Run


Pro: Located in a beautiful part of downtown Charleston

Con: Small dog run

You can find Hazel Parker Dog Run located right off of East Bay Street. The park features a small fenced-in area with a couple of trees to help shade and cool your pups. It's not the biggest area or most interesting dog run perse, but it is a great "fix" for those folks who live on the south end of downtown. The surrounding scenery is beautiful and once your pup gets out some energy you can enjoy a nice stroll on East Bay. One important thing they do have is a doggy water fountain! Make sure your pup stays hydrated!

Town of Mount Pleasant Dog Park


Pro: Hidden treasure

Con: Low attendance

Located off Rifle Range Road behind the Mount Pleasant Waterworks Facility, lies a great hidden treasure (dog park) for anyone living in the Mount Pleasant area. Make sure to keep an eye on the signs with arrows pointing towards the “dog park” and you will find it behind the athletic fields. The park features two well-sized fenced areas for off-leash play for your small or big dog.

Running alongside the dog park is a beautiful Marshview Trail if you would like to enjoy a leashed walk with your pup. The trail is paved and winds you through the woods under gorgeous oak trees and eventually leads you to the marsh, where you will have an incredible view of miles of marsh grass and water views. There is a small shelter with a bench if you want to bring a picnic or just sit and relax.

Palmetto Island County Park


Pro: Lots of pup action

Con: Entry fee (very affordable)

Another great option for those in the Mount Pleasant area, Palmetto Island County Park is a 943-acre park that includes a fenced, off-leash dog run. Be aware the run is not well-shaded, so as always, it’s important to bring a bowl and plenty of water for your furry friend. There’s also a small-dog area and the park includes picnic tables, nature trails, and areas for fishing, kayaking, and crabbing. Be advised that the dog park is closed for routine maintenance until 9 a.m. every Wednesday, and admission to the park is $2 per person.

Be Adventurous With Your Dog

Enjoy Charleston’s many options to explore with your pup! The weather can be a bit extreme at times so please remember that it’s always important to bring a portable bowl, extra water, and a towel with you at all times. Toys and snacks are always a great call, too!



Have a busy schedule and can’t make it to the dog park during the week? We will come to your pup and make sure that they get the amount of daily exercise they need. Contact us today to start groovin’!