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Owner | Mara DeMauro

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Groovin' Paws started with a strong love for dogs and a vision to transform a passion into a purpose. Mara's love for dogs started with her childhood puppy, Zena and has continued throughout her life with her current pup, Mr. Chibs. After having both indoor and outdoor dogs throughout her life, Mara realized the importance of companionship, stimulation, and movement on your pet's overall health and happiness. After graduating from college, Mara decided to ditch the traditional 9-5 to pursue her passion in caring for dogs, and truly believes that pets are part of the family. Research shows that daily dog walking is beneficial for your pup’s health and happiness, and helps them foster socialization. Groovin' Paws is excited to help alleviate your busy schedule and be a part of your dog's life.

Creating a service that provides individualized, loving, and professional dog walking aligns directly with Mara’s values regarding the care a pet deserves. Groovin' Paws believes that your pets deserve good ol’ fashion fun, fresh air, and most importantly, unconditional love. We believe that while your pets are basking in the sun, having fun, you deserve a team that is trustworthy, reliable, and loving. With Groovin’ Paws you are guaranteed to receive the best of both worlds!

Our mission is to offer a trustworthy, loving, and professional experience for both you and your furry loved ones. We provide the companionship, exercise, and attention they deserve when you are not able to. With the most loving and individualized care that Groovin’ Paws provides, your fur-babies will look forward to every visit.

Happy paws makes for happy people. Contact us today to see how we can get your dogs groovin'!