Dog Walking Services in Mount Pleasant, SC


Dog Walking

Daily dog walking is fantastic for your pup's physical and mental health. Groovin' Paws recommends regular weekly walks in order to create and establish meaningful bonds between you, your pup, and your walker. Your pup's daily walk is designed to meet their specific needs. We are always excited to welcome new clients to the pack of Groovin' Paws!

15 minute visit is $18.

30 minute visit is $22.50.

45 minute visit is $27.

Dog Sitting

Dog Sitting is a great option if you're traveling and need someone to care for your pup's in the comfort of their own cozy home. We will provide your pup's with fresh water, food, treats, exercise, and most importantly, love and companionship while you're away! Simply choose how many visits your pup's need a day and we will be there to care for them!

Each visit is $25.


Please Note

Dog Walking and Sitting services are priced for one dog per household. Each additional dog is $5